Coconut Water.

February 5, 2011


Why is every celebrity drinking coconut water? You’re about to find out. I was shopping at Trader Joe’s this morning, ::LOVE TRADER JOE’S:: stalking up on some of this amazing water. So, what’s so amazing about it? Well, let me tell you… 100% coconut water has more potassium than a banana, low acidity, no fat, no sugar added, no cholesterol and includes your 5 essential electrolytes. Which you can pretty much find out by looking at the back of the cute little blue box. So lets go a little deeper- why should you and everyone you know be drinking it!

One of the greatest benefits of drinking coconut water, is that it helps in cooling and maintaining your body temperature on those hot days (While you’re wearing your organic cotton tee of course)!  It also aids in the carriage of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of your body. Drinking it helps in natural weight loss, boosting your immune system, increasing your metabolism, and cleansing your digestive tract. Its low acidity enables the balance of pH within your body, as well as helps in controlling diabetes.

Studies have also shown that it reduces the risk of many cancers, actively fighting viruses (because of its high level of lauric acid), aids in detoxification of the body, improves HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and improves circulation within the body.

It’s also highly beneficial in treating urethral and kidney stones, its natural diuretic action actually increases the flow of urine. Therefore also assisting in preventing and reducing any urinary tract infections.

Also, it’s great for the little ones that experience any intestinal problems and UTI’s. Not to mention all the added benefits it has for the body! Perfect for a developing wee one!

There you have it! Coconut water is brilliant and YOU should be drinking it too! Drink it on it’s own, or mix it into your fruit smoothy, or protein shake!