His time

April 5, 2011


This post is dedicated to the “few” males that read my posts daily, you know who you are! 😉 Funny enough, a few of them have told me they are proud readers, then add not to tell anyone! Makes me laugh every time! I’ve also had a few requests to blog about men’s fashion trends.  Since I am up to par picking out the trendies pieces for my hubby, I feel comfortable posting a “testosterone” driven post time to time! Plus, us women need all the help we can get when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for the man in our life! Lets start from the basics. I believe every man should sport a watch, whether it be simple or flashy. So here are my top 10 favourite men’s watches under $500, and no guys you don’t to need to have all 10! 😉

1. NixonThe 42-30 Chronograph Watch $450
2. MK Silver Oversized Runway Watch $225
3. Marc Mode Pelly Watch $200
4. MK Two-Tone Chronographic Watch $250
5. WEWOOD ‘Date’ Wood Watch $119
6. D&G Medicine Man Bracelet Watch $295
7. Diesel Large Dual Time Bracelet Watch $295
8. Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Rock’ Chronograph Silicone Watch $250
9. Boss Black Leather Watch $295
10. Timex T80 Plastic Digital Watch $50