Photographic Memory

February 23, 2011


I found this amazing cheat sheet for  fall 2011 colors. I continue forgetting to focus on spring/summer and keep falling back into fall collections! (Thank you fashion week!) Since I didn’t want to waste this little gift, I thought I would do a “Buy for spring-Save for fall” continuation. To help you remember all these fabulous colors while you’re out and about shopping,  here’s my little cheat sheet for you with Pieces from the colors below! I  have more of a Photographic Memory, so here you go! Feel free to print/cut it out and shove it in your purse.. shhh I won’t tell! 😉

1. DEEP TEAL  Cardigan $59.99
2. QUARY  Top Swan Cloud Dress $199
3. BAMBOO MK Hamilton Tote $398
4. EMBERGLOW Clasp Purse $20
5. COFFEE LIQUEUR Paper Bag Waistband Pant $85
6. HONEYSUCKLE Texas Marc By Marc Jacobs Bangle $51.95
7. NOUGAT Embroidered Shell Top $100
8. PHYLOX  Marc By Marc Jacobs Aviator $98
9. CEDAR- J Brand Cargo Pant
10. ORCHID HUSH Hunter Rain boots $125

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