2022 Q1 Digital Downloads

January 4, 2022


With a new year comes a fresh start, and I’m excited to share with you how we’re moving forward with  our digital downloads. You can now get your hands on three monthly digital downloads at a time! This streamlined process of releasing quarterly downloads helps you (and me) stay organized and ready to go at the start of every month. I hope you enjoy this first batch of downloads, and come April, we’ll have the next three spring downloads ready to go.

The winter digital downloads are great for staying motivated and ahead of schedule as we dive into 2022. In keeping with a cohesive theme, every month includes a calendar and thoughtful details on what makes each month unique. Clean and timeless, these downloads look sleek on both your desktop and mobile devices. Wishing you all a happy and productive new year!

In the shopping scroll bar below you’ll also notice some of my current seasonal favourites. Including the items I shared in my Instagram stories, during my “Most commonly asked questions and links” series of stories. If you are looking to refer back to them, I’ve saved them in my highlights on my @monikahibbs IG profile. Or have a scroll below! 



Available for all of your devices.