Meet Monika Hibbs

Founder & Creative Director

Monika first started blogging in 2011 as The Doctor’s Closet, a creative escape from the rigours of working in the medical field. Slowly but surely, her blog began to grow, building a dedicated following across Canada, the United States and throughout the world. Now, following a rename and redesign, Monika Hibbs is the place to find Monika’s best DIY tutorials, home decor recommendations, entertaining tips, and more.
When she isn’t hard at work running and overseeing MH operations, Monika loves to entertain family and friends, making memories and building traditions for her husband (Troy), son (Liam) and daughter (Lillya). She loves the feeling of a challenging workout or a long run, and stealing away a couple minutes to curl up in a sun-soaked room with a good book and a warm cup of coffee.


Taylor Stuart

Director of Content & Partnerships

With her background in marketing and creative design, Taylor is the perfect fit for coordinating our content and partnerships. Her keen eye for detail keeps us organized, creating picture perfect moments and chugging along. When she isn’t writing emails, reading contracts or helping style shoots, Taylor loves travelling, visiting local shops, savouring delicious meals, sweating through a spin class, watching documentaries, and finding the perfect cup of coffee.

Erin Creed

Food Editor

Love food? Meet Erin, our food-loving, travel-hungry, creative writing mom. She brings nine years of experience as a pastry chef to the MH team, and is the genius behind the food styling and recipe writing on the blog. Erin loves being outdoors and listening to good music. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the food at one of our events, you’ll know she’s extremely talented at what she does.


Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

Our resident makeup artist and hairstylist, Brianne, studied in Burbank, California, and now runs her own company, Eva Terez Beauty. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and teaching others how to do their own hair and makeup. Brianne, a wife and mom-to-be, loves watching clients’ confidence bloom as they look at themselves in the mirror for the first time.



As a photographer, Jamie loves capturing life’s moments, people’s personalities and family connections and preserving them forever in a photograph. When she isn’t behind the camera, Jamie is hosting dinner parties and experimenting with Vermont and Cape Cod-style interior design.



After initially picking up a camera to snap photos of sweet treats for her baking blog, Mary’s passion for photography evolved into a love for capturing people and moments when her daughter, Scarlett, was born. And her gorgeous family photos featuring Scarlett – and her son, Hudson – regularly populate her Instagram feed. Mary will never turn down travelling, emojis, sticky notes, file folders or a glass of wine. Also, because he’s hilarious and they share the same birthday, Mary is confident she and Jimmy Fallon are destined to be best friends.



After shooting weddings and portraits for 15 years, Tracey transitioned into interior, lifestyle and food photography. She enjoys taking her passion and using it to convey what she sees. Living in Vancouver with her husband and dog, Frankie, Tracey draws inspiration from travelling but, ultimately, believes its her family, friends and the beach that are best for her soul.



James knows he’s fortunate to have experienced the joy of direction, producing, editing and collaborating with amazing brands and individuals. No matter whether it’s a personal, experimental or branded project, he loves the art of visual storytelling. When James isn’t crafting content, he’s figuring out how to be a dad, enjoying the outdoors or having his fourth (maybe fifth) coffee of the day.