August is Here!

August 1, 2021


Happy August. I can hardly believe we are here. Summer feels like it is flying by, I’m holding on to each day tightly. There is something so charming about August- the last of long days, extra warm nights and endless gatherings and activities outside… making it one of my favourite months of the year. My garden is exploding with goodness, I can’t keep up with the abundant harvest it’s treating our family with. Does anyone else try to squeeze in as many last minute things before we hit September and everything rotates back into motion with schedule and structure? I do for sure!

Enough about that, let’s  talk about this month’s download! This month’s design is inspired by the lovely blooms from the garden and the comforting summer evening sun that we’ll  miss as summer ends. I can’t believe we’ll be transiting into Fall before we know it. Let’s not talk about that quite yet, right? Our download is available for all your devices in three colour ways. Enjoy!