Ballet for a day.

February 11, 2011


I love Ballet. I wish I could be somewhat graceful and dance around as if it were my job. Clearly I was not gifted that way. It seems like the ballet trent has made its second big appearance in the fashion world…this time bigger and better. (I’m sure Natalie Portman had something to do with it!) Ballet in its self is strengthening for the body and the mind! It has lots of health benefits; combining flexibility, muscle work, and cardiovascular movement- it will get anyone into shape! Natalie Portman danced, swam, cross trained, and weight trained to be able to be as fit as a professional ballerina for her role in Black Swan. She looked completely convincing on camera and even got up on point!  Ouch! I’m not too sure if I’ll be the next prima ballerina, but what’s the next best thing?? Having a collection of beautiful ballet  flats! I’m sure they’ll help in a pirouette or two!

1. Patent Leather Baller flats $16.80
2. Latisha Ballerina Flat $295.00
3. Lyza Snake embossed Slingblack $275.00
4. Via Flat $209.95
5. Maeve Jewel Bow Ballet Pumps $60.00
6. Vestry Leg Tie Ballet Pump $36.00
7. Karat Star Pump $100
8. Juicy Baller Flat $195
9. Elie Tahari $248
10. Badgley Mischka $185

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