Behold April [Digital Download]

April 1, 2020


April is here at last! Blooms are slowly popping up here and there and the days are lighter for that much longer, a gentle nod that warmer, sunnier days are just around the corner. With everything going on with Covid-19 with no clear answers for the weeks and months to come, I encourage you to embrace the goodness that April has to bring. I’m thankful for longer, brighter days, the cherry blossoms and magnolia trees blossoming, flowers blooming from the ground and, of course, Easter next weekend. As you gather at home together with those in your home, know that you’ve got this. One day at a time.

Take time out of your day to be still and just breath. Remember to just stop and look after yourself, that includes being patient and kind to yourself too. I know for myself, and many of you, we are wearing so many hats. Trying to juggle the kid’s school work, managing a tidy household, work, healthy meals and everything in between. If you take care of yourself you’ll be the best version of yourself to get through this, I promise. Truth be told, the last couple of weeks I haven’t been eating as well as I normally do, or exercising as I typically do. Now that this “new normal” is settling in with all its new avenues, I’m remembering to go back to my healthy habits so I can function the best I can for my family. Shower, get dressed, do my hair, put some makeup on, get an early morning work out in, the basics that keep me going. My motto has been, “Stick to the Basics”. 

This month’s design is inspired by the blooming spring season, a classic serif font paired with cherry blossoms that are starting to bloom in parts of the world. In Vancouver, during this time the streets are painted pink thanks to these endless blossoms, I look forward to this every year! This download is again available for all your devices in two colour-ways, one more pink reminiscent of spring blooms and one a little more of a muted natural earth tone, that we love!

Also, the quote has been carefully chosen to keep your spirits up while you tackle this month of April.
“Today I will trust beyond the boards that I can see, and have the courage to believe in what is greater than me.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

We hope all of you can find some joy in this month ahead!

Right click a link below and select “Save link as” to download your favourite!

April Desktop – Muted Earth | April Desktop Calendar – Muted Earth
April Mobile Center – Muted Earth | April Mobile Side – Muted Earth

April Desktop – Blossom Pink | April Desktop Calendar – Blossom Pink
April Mobile Center – Blossom Pink | April Mobile Side – Blossom Pink