Colors under your finger tips.

February 10, 2011


I love having my nails done. Doesn’t have to be a fancy manicure- Just a nice fresh coat of nail polish. I have many favorite colors and wanted to share just a “few”. I constantly have girlfriends asking me what color I’m wearing, and sadly I never remember the names! So, I decided to dig into to my nail polish collection and find out for you! These are the main colors that I rotate through day in and day out! Hope you can find a shade that suits your true colors!

Fun tip to make your nail polish last longer:
Put your polish in the fridge an hour before you paint your nails. Works wonders!!! No chips for at least a week… or two!

Tickle My France-y,  Vodka & Caviar, Over The Taupe, Bring On The Bling, Manicure of Seville

Black Velvet, Khaki Vert, Khaki Brun, Khaki Rose, Dragon

Topless & Barefoot, Sugar Daddy, Island Hopping, Shop Till I Drop, Guilty Pleasures