Enough with all the white… lets add color!

February 3, 2011


If you’ve ever been over to our place you know that I love a fresh & clean look- meaning lots and lots of white! I’ve been trying to think out of my comfort zone, and be inspired with the burst of color in my white space. After looking through Mussucco Warner Miller design photos, I knew there was hope for me! I can’t stop looking (ie: drooling) at all these gorgeous designs.  Not to mention they still keep the white clean look, with just adding punches of color here and there. Perfect.

Now to only find those perfect items to get the looks above. Here’s what I’ve found!

1. Wall Decal: From ‘Urban Wall’ –  Live Fabulously.. Sleep Soundly $35
2. Blue Juju: Bamileke Feather Juju Hat $650
3. Blue Cushion: From ‘The Cross’- Cabriole Duck Egg Pillow $175
4. Yellow&White Cushion: Large Hand Woven Ikat cushion $79
5. Hanging light: Utility Pendant Lamp $49.95
6. Owl: From ‘The Cross’- Owl single hook antique gold $17.95
7. Arm Chair: St. Germaine Chair $$
8. Candle: Peony Scented Candle $40
9.Vase: Create and Barrel- Koz. Teal Vase $24.95