February With Love [Digital Download]

January 31, 2020


We are welcoming back the month of love: February! It’s true I love love. There is something so special about this month that reminds everyone to cherish each other, whether it’s with your significant other, your family, your friends, show someone your love for them this month. I know I’m entering this next month with that mindset, with an angle of intent around it too. You might not be a big romantic, but simply showing someone you care and are thinking about them can be just as special. Sending a simple text, with an “I love you”, is sure to make anyone’s day… especially on the 14th!

This month’s download is all about delicately placed serif type that we are so happy to be sharing with you all. Adding in the final touch from one of the greatest creative minds and storytellers of all time: William Shakespeare. Available in two beautifully romantic colours: latte & mauve pink for all of your devices. Do you not just LOVE it?? We are all obsessed here at the MH office. You better believe this download will be plastered all over our devices this month. A little reminder to show some love every time you open up your laptop, swipe into your phone or look down on your apple watch. xo.

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Right click a link below and select “Save link as” to download your favourite!

February Latte Mobile | February Latte Desktop [No Calendar] | February Latte Desktop [Calendar]

 February Mauve Pink Desktop [No Calendar] | February Mauve Pink Desktop [Calendar] | February Mauve Pink Mobile