Flourish in February

February 3, 2021


It’s no denying that February is the month of love, but it’s also the month where some of us fall away from our initial goals and may get discouraged. Let this beautiful design be a daily reminder to Flourish; verb — to grow or blossom in a radiant and healthy form. For whoever needs to hear this: Flourish in your love, your life and your health; as well as with the ones around you. You are loved by so many, near or far.

These delicate blossoms for February are available in two colour ways and different layouts for all of your devices!

Don’t miss out on the t.v. art and printable below too! We hope all these bring a little life and a smile to your face this month.



We’re also offering this beautiful design for your Smart TV and as a Digital Print available for purchase at MH Digital Studio.