Hello, March! [Digital Wallpaper Download]

March 6, 2018


Happy March!! I LOVE March! Spring is soon to be in the air and it’s my absolute favorite time of year. It gets me excited about fresh starts. I know most refer to January as their new beginning, but I just wasn’t quite ready back in January. I was feeling sluggish after a long flu season and didn’t want to be too hard on myself either! With the days stretching out longer and longer, sunnier warmer days happening, flowers peeking out, and leaves budding I’m officially ready for Spring and Summer 2018!

Our amazing graphic designer, Sarah, took my vision for the blooming start of 2018 and created this month’s gorgeous digital wallpaper download! MARCH. Isn’t it gorgeous!?? Hope it motivates you today, whether it ends up on your desktop screen or phone background. Fourteen more days until the first day of Spring…I’m so excited! March is going to be a good month!

We’ve also included a handful of spring items in our scrollbar below that you might love. Don’t forget your umbrella! xo.

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