Hello May

May 1, 2021


If you’ve been following along on my stories, you already know I’ve got gardening on my mind this spring. Our word this month is Jardin – “garden.” Gardens are bright yet intimate spaces where you can cultivate and grow beautiful flowers, fresh herbs, and produce. They’re a quiet place of respite, an area where you can go and tend to new life while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. I’ve found gardening is so good for both my heart and mind, and it’s a hobby I can do both on my own and share with my kids. I love the sense of accomplishment and excitement they feel when helping me pick fresh herbs for our table or seeing their favourite flowers finally bloom.

Our May digital download celebrates the new growth of spring captured by the charming florals found in one of our liberty print. With three richly patterned options, decorate your screen with soft muted tones of green, blue, and beige. We featured an earlier version of this print for our pre-summer collection, and so many of you loved it (and requested it as a download) we decided to elevate it for our download this month and make it happen!

This free digital download is available for your mobile, desktop, tablet, and Apple watch.