Hello, September! [Digital Download]

September 4, 2018


Hello September? Yes, that’s a question! How on earth did summer fly by so fast? Anyone else feel this way? I think with welcoming Blake into our lives, our big move and all the little things we tried to pack into summer, it just flew by for us. As much as I love summer and everything it has to offer, I’m sad to let it go so quickly.  But the structure that September brings excites me. I’m craving organization, schedules, and structure in our lives. Truth be told, I’m still trying to unpack boxes from our move. Hate to say it, I just feel like I’m still living out of a suitcase. So, September, I’m ready for you as I’ll be playing catch up this month.

Liam and Lillya started school today. It was an exciting morning at our home as Liam starts Kindergarten and Lillya starts pre-school! They were both very excited since they go to the same school. Liam has taken on his big brother role very seriously. It’s sooo adorable to watch! Mommas, I hope your first day of school was filled with hugs, kisses… and tears from the moms too, right? Here’s a photo from this morning. How cute are they?

To celebrate September’s arrival and school starting, here is our monthly download to help with your schedules and organization. We hope you like it! Don’t forget to check out some of our favourite back to school items in the scroll bar at the bottom of this post.

And if you’re looking for first day of school printouts, our friends at Kardz Kouture have the cutest ones over on Etsy!

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