In my Gym Bag

March 21, 2011


Today’s post is all about being fit and looking good! While putting this post together, I realized that pretty much every West Coast- ‘Vancouver girl’ will have very similar items in her gym bag! We all own a pair of Lululemon groove pants, at least 2 TNA hoodies, and take pride in any other item that comes from  our beloved “home made” Lululemon store!! We are a Yoga going, Sea Wall running, fit group of girls! Let me let you in on our West Coast Uniform. It’s quite simple actually, add a little Lulu, a little TNA, a pair of running shoes and you got yourself a nice taste of a Vancouver girl.

We drink water, We do things that scare us, We know friends are more important than money, We know Jealousy works the opposite way you want it to, We know to breath deeply, We know to floss and travel… And if we ever forget, we know to look at our Re-usable Lululemon bag to remind us.

From Vancouver with love! Here is what’s inside our gym bag!

For some extra healthy eating tips about Super Foods, and why you should be drinking Coconut water daily- Click on the links.

1. Skidless Yoga Towel $65
2. TNA Slim Fit Hoodie $85
3. Lululemon Slipless Head Band $12
4. Lululemon Water bottle  $25
5. Mizuno Running Shoe
6. Lululemon Yoga Mat $28
7. Lululemon Groove Pant $98
8. Luna Energy Bars
9. ipod