Introducing the new DAWN Photo Presets

September 6, 2019


I am so excited to announce the launch of our NEW-est Photo Editing Presets THE DAWN COLLECTION, available now for you to purchase! First of all, I can’t begin to thank you all for your excitement and support from our original preset selection- The Nostalgia Collection that we released this past February. I’ve absolutely loved seeing all your edited photos, especially seeing the before and afters! I love scrolling through the #MHphotopresets & #MHpresets tags you’ve been using over on Instagram. It’s such an incredible feeling hearing all your feedback and how these presets have elevated your photos! Believe it or not, I had one bride contact me, sharing that her wedding photos were so awful in terms of lighting and that the MH presets saved them!!! Such an incredible testimony to hear.

Okay, so let’s talk about the new DAWN Collection; available for both Lightroom CC & Lightroom Mobile.  What’s the difference between these two collections of photo presets? The DAWN collection is going to take your photography curiosity to the next level. The original Nostalgia presets were created for everyday photography, home interiors, family moments and all those snaps that needed to be remembered. With the DAWN presets, there is a little more flexibility to get that perfect edit for each photo, using one preset DAWN; with its sub-presets specific for your photograph’s needs. You’ll notice that you’ll want to get creative with lighting, the time of day, landscapes and the overall moment captured. The DAWN presets will help you translate the mood of the moment, with just one click.

These presets are meant to elevate your photos that are captured at dawn, golden hour or an overcast day; keeping that soft lighting in mind. I’ve created the preset DAWN with 5 sub-presets: Amber, Dust, Mist, Olive and Soft, creating beautiful, muted earthy tones. These sub-presets will help you navigate warmer or cooler light, perhaps a more saturated landscape that you’re hoping to tone down, and of course helping you neutralize those bright colours and highlights to achieve a more muted soft and romantic effect to your photos. The DAWN collection is best when using photos captured in open fields, beaches, mountain tops, wide open spaces, airy rooms and possibly a path leading to nowhere.

Want to learn more and see more before & after photos? Click over to the DAWN Preset Page and see more examples. When you purchase your package you’ll be emailed the preset files as well as full PDF instruction manual (a download & editing guide) to help you through each step. And remind to keep tagging us in all your photos! ENJOY!!!