Hey June!

June 1, 2021


As June brings all of its fresh abundance to our lives, I’ve been spending more time in my garden. While spring was spent planting and tending to seedlings, now the garden has come to life and I’m loving having so many bright and beautiful fruits and vegetables on hand. One of my favourite summer rituals is getting up early and watering before gathering produce to use for the day, taking in all the calm and quiet of the morning. That’s the beauty of summer for me – the simplicity of slowing down and enjoying the easiness of the season. The best summer memories are unchanging, like spending time with family outdoors, camping with friends, going on a walk and soaking in the sun, or jumping in a cool and refreshing lake. I have a soft spot for June, being my birthday month, I look forward to it every year even more so.

Our June digital download highlights the easy nature of summer. The word this month is Simplicité – “simplicity,” and our print features elegant line drawings of garden botanicals. Drawn from fresh blooms in my garden, the print includes flowering cosmos, wild strawberries, sweet snap peas, and leafy French radishes. The print is available in a neutral cream with three accent colours: gray, green & brown.

This free digital download is available for all your devices.