Lusting over Louboutins.

February 15, 2011


Oh what a wonderful day it will be to have my very own pair of Christian Louboutins. I’ve had day dream moments of red paint, and how I could possibly turn one of my own pair of pumps into a Louboutin inspiration. One word: ‘Fail’. Onto plan B- put a dollar a day away, for 3 years and hope for the best. Kidding…or am I? Anyways, in the mean time lets just lust at these. I love the look of the rocker spike vs. sweet innocent pale pink sophistication. Even though Louboutins are definitely not in the budget (for now), I get inspired for that perfect pair of heals. Louboutins are the “Follow the Leader” for inspiration in the shoe world. We might as well follow and walk in his footsteps. Have a click on the picture and go for a little stroll, “window shopping” for your perfect Louboutin inspiration.

Medical Note: Ideal for a perfect posture… do we get covered for that? 😉