Phone Protection

February 19, 2011


This post is dedicated to my beautiful sister in law! She called me up the other day and was thrilled to tell me she finally gave in and got an iphone!!  She was an avid blackberry user till now! (no bias obviously!) Next step after buying a new phone? Purchasing a “must-have” phone case or sleeve. Already have one? Maybe it’s time that your phone got a little face lift! Here are my top 10 favorite phone coverings… okay and not JUST for the iphone but the other guys too!

Though I must say, iPhones have a much ‘trendier’ selection! 😉

1. Michael Kors: iPhone wristlet  $79.95
2. Michael Kors: multifunctional phone case $58
3. Tory burch: iPhone Sleeve $75
4. Rebecca Minkoff: Studded iPhone Sleeve $50
5. Marc Jacobs: iPhone Case $28
6. Tory Burch: Embossed Lux iPhone Sleeve $75
7. Kate Spade: iPhone hard case $44.95
8. Bamboo: Ear plugs and Case $20 $25
9 & 10. Coach: Poppy Leather Universe Case $58
*Old school handset: Gold