Sneak Peek MH Office

June 12, 2019


You asked we listened! Mini office tour is here! Okay, this is a long time coming AND this is just a sneak peek as we are still missing a couple of items to finish off the office altogether. We always have so many questions about sourcing when I share over stories, so we thought today we would give you as much detail as we can.

Decorating your office space can be a challenge, bringing in that light and airy feel can seem daunting, but with a few pieces, you will be on your way to a space that you will be more than happy to pass those long days and in my case, evenings, working away at your desk.

Tips for Creating an Inviting Office Space 

  1. 1. Ground your space- Find the perfect rug, there are some great affordable options out there personally I  love jute rugs as they are neutral, low pile and work well in most spaces.

2. Work Station- A simple white desk is all you need, these ones are super affordable and accompanied the look I was wanting.

3. Perfect Office Chair- Our splurge here were these lovely light wood and rattan armed chairs,  adding a classic yet subtle boho element to the office. Here are a few more options in a similar style if you are looking.

4. Storage is key- The white sideboard in the office is from Ikea (Besta Series) it hides away all are items we don’t want to clutter the space with, paper, catalogues etc and at a great price point, you really can’t go wrong. Again, no need to get that old school cherry wood (not to pretty) office furniture for your office. Shop around and find pieces you would love even in your home and incorporate them into your office. The floating shelves technically act as more storage, but also allow us to have pieces on display as a focal point and inspiration in our office space. We often like to change them out when we feel inspired or if we want something a little more seasonal.

5. Stay Inspired – I always have a lot of questions about the pinboard that came over from our last office and now up in our MH office space. It really is a great way to personalize your space and offers endless amounts of inspiration. We love the framed options from Minted, and we even have a fun DIY we did last year head to this blog post to see how you can make your own.

However small or large your space is, try and make it as inviting as possible, keep things organized and tucked away, so space feels airy and light at all times.

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